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(This was originally written on 17th November 2013)

I almost never swear. I occasionally swear in writing, but verbally I only say ‘crap’ sometimes, ‘shit’ very rarely, and I may have never said the word ‘fuck’ out loud.

To me, they just aren’t really a part of my vocabulary. I’m pretty sure it originated from my rigid rule-following as a child (they told me not to swear, so I didn’t), and just stayed on from there. But I’m not actually bothered by other people swearing. I used to get annoyed because they were breaking a rule and not being punished – but now I’ve taught myself that that rule is meaningless, so I don’t get upset when other people do it anymore.

But I still don’t swear, just because I’ve never really bothered to train myself into it. It’s funny because other people perceive it as me being somehow ‘prudish’ about swearing. A couple of times people in a social group have said something about me being the innocent or delicate one, or trying to dare me to say a swearword as if I think it’s immoral or dirty. But actually, the reason I don’t is no different to the reason I don’t use the word ‘bonjour’ in my day-to-day life. I just never need to say it. It’s not part of my language. I have other ways to express the ideas people use it for. And to say a swearword out loud seems just as odd to me as saying ‘bonjour’. That’s the only real reason I don’t do it.